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Watercolor Painting Tips -- Painting Faces in Watercolor
February 13, 2009

Mary Ann's Message

Here's a snippet from my latest article on painting faces in watercolor. Follow the link to read the entire article on my website.

If you don't get the look in their eyes, you will not succeed with the rest of the likeness.

This little boy, named Elias (pronounced Ell'ius) has very wideset eyes. I was very interested in painting his face to see if I could capture his face. I tried to keep the face from looking harsh, so I minimized the value of the hair on his head, and by applying a wash of clear water over the face and hair, I was able to have very soft edges around the highlights on the forehead.

Hope you like it. Click here to read the rest of it

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Watercolor Painting Tips can only get better if you share your tips as well. I know there are some very talented artists out their that have great tips to share.

Maybe the best tip you can share is by sharing a watercolor you've painted. I've got just the place. Just click here to let us see what you've been up to!

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