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Watercolor Painting Tips -- How to paint a self portrait in watercolor
April 16, 2009

Mary Ann's Message

This has been a busy winter and I am making little videos for my "tips" site. I loaded them on YouTube in order to get them into proper form for the site. Lo and behold, people have started subscribing to them before I could even get them on the "tips" site. I was shocked!

So, if you want to see the latest article that contains videos of a self-portrait I did, check out

It's not the greatest likeness of me but who ever likes their own portrait? The process, however, is what I was trying to get across to artists. I hope you enjoy it.

More articles, e-books and videos are on their way.

One more thing - You can now subscribe to daily e-mail updates from my website. Each day, if there have been any articles posted by me or my website visitors, you will receive a recap so you can quickly check out what's new. Since my newsletters aren't as frequent as I'd like, this may be a great option for you.

If you'd like to try this feature, click here

What Would You Like Me To Write About?

Art is my passion and I love to paint. I also like to write about painting, which is why I started this website. But I need to know what you want me to write about!

You can do that by clicking this link and submitting your idea. And for those of you who don't submitted an idea, please check here for new ideas and vote for the ones you like. That will help me select future topics to write about.


This doesn't have to be just my news. Let me know if you have some news you would like to share. I will include appropriate news in the next newsletter. You can also submit news on the site by clicking here.

  1. I realize we're in tough economic times, so I'm reducing the price of my e-book, Painting on Watercolor Canvas, to $14.95. That's a 40% discount from the original price To learn more, click here.

Share Your Tips and Paintings

Watercolor Painting Tips can only get better if you share your tips as well. I know there are some very talented artists out their that have great tips to share.

Maybe the best tip you can share is by sharing a watercolor you've painted. I've got just the place. Just click here to let us see what you've been up to!

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