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Brush Peculiarity

by Lakshman

Once, I left a brush dipped in water for a night. Next day it was cracked.

Because the fine strands of hairs combined together make capillaries and water demonstrates the capillary action.

If the Brush has wooden handle, it should not be left dipped on water.

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Oct 29, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Sep 05, 2015
shouldn't do it NEW
by: Ronald

A brush is an important element to a painter who like to paint any kind of pictures everyday. Water has some criteria to damage the brush made by wooden and the essay writing doctor www.essay will let you know why you should not dip the brush on water for a prolong time. It may be broken due to having the capillary action of the water on the emerged brush.

Feb 26, 2010
Saving cracked handles
by: Lynne

I had a brush damaged like this so I chipped off all the paint and when I was sure the wood was dry, I put a couple of coats of nail polish on it, sealing the ferule to the wood. Makes for a very pretty brush too!

Nov 26, 2008
care of brushes
by: Mary Ann

You are right. Never leave your brush dipped in water. It not only disfigures the bristles, but the ferule, which holds the brush hairs becomes loose; the water seeps up into the handle and cracks the varnished finish. One other word of warning: Do not store wet brushes with the bristles up. Lay them flat to dry.

My desk is on a slant, so between washes, and at the end of the day, I store them on a paper towel with the bristles pointed on the down-side, so that any moisture can flow out through the bristles and not through the handle.
I hope this information is helpful.

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