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Eve Painted from Life Model Watercolour

by Shirley Roma Charlton

Eve Watercolour

Eve Watercolour

I painted this from a life model at the Royal Queensland Art Society. The Model had her hair up so I painted it down to give a gentle look. Just very recently I won first in a group on Redbubble with this painting. I was interviewed ( by e mail) and they set up a gallery page. I just know Artists need so much encouragement and just one person saying they love the work just gives artist new energy to keep painting. To all the watercolour artist
it is not an easy media, it is a challenge to keep the painitng fresh and transparent. I would like to encourage every watercolorist to keep at it never give up and paint what you love the most and for your own enjoyment.

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"Eve" NEW
by: Anonymous

This is truly beautiful - it captures a mood and creates drama through both the use of colour and the subject. I'm glad that you won an award - this watercolour deserves it!

Oct 21, 2010
life model
by: Mary Ann

As usual you do a great job and help to explain your techniques to aspiring artists. I appreciate your additions to this "tips" site.

Oct 21, 2010
Beautiful painting!
by: Anonymous

From one watercolorist to another, thanks for the encouragement to keep learning. You have done a beautiful job of making this painting just glow especially the skin of her back. Thanks for sharing her beauty with us.

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