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Share your watercolor paintings to gain exposure, or just to get some high quality feedback from a community of artists. Feel free to contribute anything as long as it's watercolor.

Eventually, I will break this out into different categories, but for now let's just get this going in one place to make it easy!

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Watercolors Other Visitors Have Shared

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Winton Pub Australian Outback. 
This painting was from sketches that I did in the early mornng before going to teach a workshop in watercolours. I finished it off at home in my studio …

king fisher 
This is my first serious watercolor...

With Blinders On 
Recently visited Savannah, GA and saw these horses that pull tourist carriages. I found the harnessing very interesting and fun to paint, especially with …

Tonka the Mighty 
Decided to paint one of the school ponies at the farm I teach at. Caught him in a photo actually looking regal. I removed the gate that was in front of …

Alpaca With An Attitude 
Did this for a friend from a photo I took at a festival. My friend is a knitter and fell in love with alpacas. I was trying to loosen up a little and …

I've been painting for about 4 years, and enjoying it immensely. I take lessons with a group once a month, and love the group energy of painting with others. …

My Dog Bernie 
Teaching myself Watercolors having painted in oils and acrylics in the past. Need to learn more about drying time, layering color on , and got to understand …

these are large flashy birds that nest in burrows and eat large insects.Missed getting a photo in Panama so I painted the whole family.

KoiThis was my first try at water, its pretty weak in technique but will strive to improve. Thanks for any advise. 
I've been interested in art most of my life, i have been more or a pensil and pen and ink artist. I'm trying to broaden my horizons.

From the garden, done on 140 hotpress, watercolor and pencil.

Watercolor rose 
140 hotpress

This watercolour was also inspired by a trip to the Outback Queensland Australia. I was asked to run a watercolour workshop. One cannot get the beautiufl …

Lu Lu 
I'm very very new to this, I've only painted a few months. This is Lulu a very special friend.

This watercolour is sold and I know the Tap is too big for the Kookoburra but that is artistic licence. I was showing students how to paint water drops. …

The Rookery At Dusk 
It's been awhile since I've submitted anything. This is my attempt to work a little looser. My previous submissions have been tighter - more like drawing …

Day Dream Believer 
All our granddaughters climb our apple tree but one day Isabel draped herself over a limb and I found her daydreaming up there. She stayed long enough …

This was another rare time when my Demo for a class at Brookfield of 16 adults worked. Just by really letting the background stay wet on wet but not too …

The Bathing Beauty 
This is painted from a photo of one of my granddaughters. I set her in the water rather than on the lawn and changed some colors to make the picture more …

POTS -Pure watercolour, 12"x12" This painting is currently being exhibited at the Shanghai Bienniel exhibition in China.

This is one of our homebred Shetland Sheepdogs sold to a good friend. The underpainting on this black and white dog is lavender and I tried to include …

Pure watercolour 22"x37"

Curious Kitty 
Each week in Art class we have to be working on a project. I always do something that I can finish during that class or within the next week. I found this …

2 bottles 
This is a painting that I did recently. I took a photo of these bottles and loved the way all the colors reflected into the wine glass. I am not too …

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I have done over 1000 watercolour ranging from Films stars, other artists and even politicians. This is one I have done a few years ago I did this paint …

I have been painting for just a few years, off and on, since I retired. Painted a number of landscapes, street scenes, etc. But, I really enjoy painting …

Woodland flowers 
I experimented with a different style, painting loosely wet in wet and using contrast and intense colors.

Peyton's Prince? 
I painted this frog for my neice who loves frogs. We always kid her about one of them turning out to be her Prince Charming.

Floral Grandeur 
36 x 28 original watercolor painting showing a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Gwen Charlton Aged 11 
I painted this watercolour also from LIFE> but a while ago as my daughter turned 28 years old on Christmas Day 2009. So just to go with what I said about …

Nancy From Life 
1. I checked the model's veins. Nancy being a dark person has dark blue veins so this is the colour I paint under the skin in the cooler area;s like, eye …

3 Birds on tree

On the roof 
Pigeons coming to eat on roof.

Space as Modern Art

USQ University of Southern Queensland. Fixing the Fence 
This watercolour was painted in a Demonstration at McGregger Summer School USQ for the students. All the students did a good job on thier paintings and …

1st. attempt at chinese brush painting.

Inner Child 
Evokes sadness (to me) but hard to read her eyes.

Sunlit pears 
This 9 x 12 watercolor was an interesting exercise in light, shadow and shapes. Still problems working fast enough wet in wet but with practice, I think …

The Cripple's Smile 
This painting was finished about ten years ago and it represents my concerns of Old and Retired People. I felt sad and sorry for those people who have …

vegetable market 
i went vegetable market then i took photograph and i did the painting.it was part of my course.i did bachelor of fine art.it was my water color study.i …

Lonely Shadow  
I used to share my feelings and ideas about life. I put a lot of sunshine and shadows which formed a great contract in my works. And my watercolors are …

John LI 
I used to share my feelings and ideas about life. I put a lot of sunshine and shadows which formed a great contract in my works. And my watercolors are …

I just begin watercolours painting - I tried different technics with a bigger or smaller succeses, but in watercolours i always failed. At least i have …

African Violets 
This is an 8 x 10 watercolor of the plant on my coffee table. It was hit and miss as I struggled with wet in wet. Most of the petals were painted fairly …

The Grape 
My second project in a private paint class. Our teacher says paint something you love to look at and I love to look at the still life's I have at home …

A girl  
I made this watercolor this afternoon;I use schmincke and Blocx pan watercolor; I only paint since three weeks ago but I enjoy it very much ; I know I …

Burgundy lilies 
I can see my watercolors evolving as I get closer to what I want. Any critique would be appreciated.

Dave and Gwen on the beach 
This painting was started on location a beach on the Sunshine coast Queensland. With my kids playing. Artist owned. I started with lemon yellow because …

Irises revisited 
Keeping Mary Ann's suggestions in mind, I did a little more shading on this painting. I am pleased with the results because the darker colors make a nicer …

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Dear My Artist Friends, One evening , I couldn't think out which subject I have to draw and finally I saw these things from the kitchen when I drunk …

Spring Irises by Lynne 
I painted this from a photograph I took last Spring. I kept Mary Ann's suggestions in mind and I am much happier with the result.

Day lily by Lynne 
This is my first attempt at painting flowers. I used Mary Ann's video technique for the background but it might be too light for this flower. How do …

Big Sister by Bernice 
I painted these precious babies a few years ago from a photo. The painting was done on 140lb watercolor paper. Sometimes I have problems with darker complexions...I …

Watercolor Landscapes 
I would appreciate any comments to help improve my skills, this painting was done using very little water...I have not tried any of the creative techniques …

Faith by Melanie 
I did this for a friend in 30mins, the mood moved me to paint.

Love Song 
I Used wet on wet to create this picture

Poppy 2 by Debbie Bezuidenhout 
I entered two of my watercolor paintings and and forgot to mention work in the negative with my subjects. I use salt and ink to start. Dry the paper thoroughly …

Poppy 4 by Debbie Bezuidenhout 
1. I start with ink and salt. 2.Let it dry thoroughly and brush off the salt 3. I like to paint flowers and still lifes. I use the best quality paints …

Playing with Bottels by Debbie Bezuidenhout 
1. I use ink and salt for a start. 2. It was left to dry thoroughly and brush off the salt. 3. I usually paint flowers and still lifes. 4. I use the …

I got the idea for this painting from an add a long time ago. So I cut masking tape into long pieces and pasted them on 140lb Arches cold press, and began …

Sreejesh Koonery's Watercolors 
My works are simple but attractive

Grey by Jennifer Marus 
My cat in her normal morning routine a 5"x7"

Eden by Jennifer Marus 
This was painted from a picture of my son, Eaden underneath a magnolia tree. I loved the animation of the picture. Sorry, I had already framed the piece, …

The second one 
This is the second watercolor painting i have created, the first one was a toucan bird. This is Legolas from The Lord of the Rings, I hope you like it. …

Wild Butterfly 
Painted from a photo I took at a local park and given to the people I work for as a gift.

Lizard for Alex 
Painted for an autistic boy who knows everything about lizards. He found this photo somewhere, so I painted it on a birthday card and gave it to him for …

The Scuba Diver 
This is my first attempt at alcohol splatter and painting wet on wet. The diver and seaweed were natural additions after I had the background in place. …

Juicy Plums 
I recently took up water colour painting, after using oils for many years, and have fallen in love with it. This was one of the first paintings I did, …

James from Ontario 
Did this this morning, trying to be a little loose. I did it on Arches 140.7x11, Davinci paints. Just from my mind. Needs more darks? Where? James

Tape Your Name and paint! 
That's what we did. I taped her name, and she painted it. She is 4 years old and this was great for her age. She loved it.

Fourth or Fifth portrait I've done in watercolor, I think it turned out nice

My First Rose 
This was from our garden

Watercolor Rose 
Beautiful Rose in magenta and hookers green

Macaw by Patricia Snow 
I love the bright colors of watercolor painting. I enjoy painting birds and flowers for their vibrant colors!

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Shirley Roma Charlton Watercolors 
This watercolour was painted from Life in the royal Art Society group. The model was feeling sick so she only sat for half an hour. I felt I had not finished …

Halle by Barbara Fenker 
Halle is my first attempt doing a portrait of my granddaughter. I was challenged especially by her hair. I think I used raw sienna, rose and cobalt …

Work Glove 
Hello. I have to admit, I'm quite nervous about posting. This is my first painting, done with a small set gifted to me. My artsy side tends to lay in the …

Day Dreaming of Warm Weather and Fishing 
Indiana is very cold and unpleasant at times. Right now especially. I've been day dreaming of warmer weather and fishing with my kids this coming summer. …

Watercolors by Don Cobb 
I finally found a place near me that still raises colorful chickens. I took several photos for reference. This rooster painting was done without the …

My study of an Iris.

Amby's Watercolors 
Taking Mary Ann's suggestion on creating negative space (crumpling thin plastic sheet on wet paintings), this drawing was attempted. Your comments would …

Korfano Art 
Korfano Art - gallery of illustrations and paintings at www.korfanoart.eu

Waiting By Pauline Adair 
About 35 x 22cm.... reference photo was of a child, but I liked the position of hands in particular, and as I concentrated on those I think I made the …

Watercolors by Donna Pierce-Clark 
As I painted this little still life, I thought of my parents, now both passed on. The monarch is special because my mother died at the time of fall migration …

A Portrait of Sophie 
I painted this picture of model Sophie.... exhibited it and sold it. I was very happy to exhibit it, but as it was a favourite picture I was sad when …

Mary Ann Boysen Watercolors 
Anyone who has been to Harbour Town on Hilton Head Island has seen these before. I used to go there once in awhile. I'm glad I have these to remember it …

speedo bird 
dramatic wc of a roadrunner in the desert

bluebird woods 
impressionistic, Monet inspired.

little blue 
swamp and heron - impressionistic style

Koi and Lily pads 2 
This was my second try at watercolor. Not much better but getting there.

White Dress 
This is a 4x6" monochrome image of a woman wearing a white dress. Used only indigo.

A portrait of my Boss 
First steps in watercolor making. But hope not so bad ?

Charleston Fixer-Upper by Stan 
I retired about 3 years ago. Took a couple of watercolor courses and have been painting for about 2 years, off and on. This is from a photo I took in …

The Perfect Gift 
My granddaughters recently received their first horse. This is the eldest Julia showing just how she feels about her dream coming true. I didn't have …

The Cripple's Smile 
This painting was finished about ten years ago and it represents my concerns of Old and Retired People. I felt sad and sorry for those people who have …

Irises revisited 
Keeping Mary Ann's suggestions in mind, I did a little more shading on this painting. I am pleased with the results because the darker colors make a nicer …

Bill Lester' Watercolors 
Just a potted plant, what do you think?

Nancy From Life Not rated yet
1. I checked the model's veins. Nancy being a dark person has dark blue veins so this is the colour I paint under the skin in the cooler area;s like, eye …

For My Love Not rated yet
Watercolor rose 11x14 hot press

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Look Hector! Not rated yet
I was in the right place to get this photo of Iisah taking photos of the dog Hector at the 4H cloverbuds (littlest) group. I decided to paint it on watercolour …

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